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2 Guns is action, comedy American thriller movie directed by Baltasar Kormakur and featured by Denzel California and Indicate Wahlberg. The movie is written by Blake Masters and Steven Grant. The movie is based on graphic novel series published by Boom! Studios. The movie tracks two agents, Robert Tranch and Michael Stigman from competitive agencies who are pressured on the run together. They are connected uncertainly to each other for more than last 12 weeks. Watch 2 Guns Online

Watch 2 Gun Online

After the meeting with drug aristocrat Papi Greco in Mexico, U.S. Customs arrest both the criminals Robert Trench and Michael Stigman. Stigman doesn’t know that Trench is undercover DEA agent and reports everything about him to his superior, Jessup. Trench reports to Jessup that Stigman is failed to acquire cocaine from Greco that could be used as an evidence to find guilty him. But against Jessup’s orders, Trench decides to remain as an undercover agent and be partner to assist Stigman to rob $3 million from Greco, so that they can take legal action for money laundering. While they rob, they find $43 million instead of $3 million. They are surprised to find more money. Download 2 Guns online

Trench meets with his lover, Deb Rees, who is involved with another man. Meanwhile, Stigman, who is an undercover Naval Intelligence Officer, meets with Harold Quince, who is his commanding officer. He instructs Stigman to kill Trench, so that they can use the stolen money for secret operations. Then, Stigman follows the orders of his commanding officer and deceives Trench and escapes with the money. But he lets Trench to live. When Quince learns this that Stigman had not killed Trench, he attempts to kill Stigman, but Stigman escapes. He learns that the money will be transferred to a Navy base in Corpus Christi. In the meantime, Earl interrogates the bank manager about the money, Trench and Stigman stole from him. Free download 2 Guns online

After all the things, Trench visits Jessup to tell, what happened, but there, Earl is waiting for him with his men. There, Earl frames Trench for Jessup’s murder and lets him. He makes a deal with trench that if he will return with $43 million, he will be cleared. To fulfill the deal conditions, Trench goes to Stigman’s apartment. There he wants to find out where Stigman took the money. Stigman contact him from a sniper’s post across the street. Quince sends a squad to kill Stigman. But he escapes and with Trench, he kidnaps Greco and interrogate in the garage of Deb’s house. Then, they find out that Earl is Greco’s associate and is a black ops operative. They have stolen money from the CIA. Watch 2 Guns online free 2013

Quince attacks on the garage with another squad. In this, they are captured by Greco and taken to his farm in Mexico. He tortures them and when Earl visits there, after that Greco gives them 24 hours to steal the money from the Navy and return it to him, otherwise, Deb will be dead. Watch 2 Guns online 2013